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EverSite offers the Snap-Inspect suite of applications to aid in the recording and analysis of past and present damages and repairs at heritage sites, as well as contemporary civil infrastructure. Snap-Inspect consists of a mobile application with built in local database, and cloud database, web management tool, and secure API gateway. Data obtained by the suite can be stored and managed either by the client, or at EverSite's secure location where it can be readily and easily accessed (see cloud storage).

Both applications are adaptable to any type of heritage or civil infrastructure site and use standardized terminology for the structure, damages and repairs that are defined by the client. The app and cloud database operate together seamlessly. The operator uses the mobile app on site to collect information which is then synced with the Eversite cloud database. This ensures that damage and repairs are collected systematically and accurately and stored securely for later analysis. The Snap-Inspect mobile app allows operators to categorize any damage identified during site visits, and its location detection functions spatially reference photographs and video to specific components of the structure. The Snap-Inspect web application provides managed role-based access control ensuring that only authorized operators have access to the data. The cloud database can be searched, queried and exported for use in other software applications. Taken together, the Snap-Inspect suite of applications is a powerful management and analytical tool that provides managers with the ability to examine spatial and temporal trends in specific types of damage and evaluating past interventions.

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