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EverSite data servers are hosted in a secure location to prevent the theft of valuable data and breach of confidentiality agreements and privacy laws. EverSite data servers are protected with Network security with firewalls and zones, physical Security with server rooms and modern operating systems and database systems with up to date anti-virus scanning. In storing your data with Eversite, there will be checks for data accuracy and authenticity, as well as three secure and managed data accesses for our clients:
(1)   Complete data access through a secure backend channel
(2)   Web application through role-based access control with authentication and authorization  
(3)   Web API through role-based access control with authentication and authorization.
EverSite has two backup systems. A weekly full data backup and a daily differential data backup. These regular backups protect against the risk of damage or loss due to hardware failure, viruses or even human errors. EverSite can provide these backups in a variety of formats, such as native database BAK, BACPAC, CSV, JSON, or XML.

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